Wataniah Training Mobilisation

SHAH ALAM: If you are in the Wataniah, please take note, the Army wants you to report to your respective unit within this fortnight.

The notice for the mobilisation training was announced by the Army, late yesterday.

The release of the mobilisation:

Wataniah Notice

Basically, it states that the Wataniah (Territorial Army) is conducting a mobilisation training, from May 1, 2017 to May 14, 2017. All officers and soldiers of the Wataniah are to report to their respective units ASAP.

They can contact the numbers listed in the release for further inquiries. 

One has to wonder why the announcement was made yesterday as this could have been done well ahead of the training dates.

By the way, I  am posting the notice for mobilisation  as this is quite unusual. 

Although unusual, I am guessing that this is more likely to do with a gathering of the Wataniah with the Prime Minister later this month than anything else.

— Malaysian Defence

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