Two Killed in Hawk Crash

SHAH ALAM: TWO RMAF pilots were killed in the crash of their Hawk Mk 108 trainer during a check flight today. The crash occurred some 51km north of the Kuantan air base.

The pilots Major Mohd Hasri “Fixer” Zahari, 31, and Major Yazmi “Caser” Mohamed Yusof, 39, were found 20 metres apart from each other in a mangrove forest near Kampung Chukai in Kemaman, Terengganu around 2.30pm today.”

Mej. Hasri personal mount Hawk M40-32 which carries his callsign Fixer and a bomb and rocket markings most likely from the Lahad Datu operations in 2013.

RMAF chief General Affendi Buang says the two airmen were believed to have ejected from the aircraft just before it crashed.

“We believe they ejected when the jet started to lose control. They were both experienced pilots, and are a huge lost to us,” he said.

The SAR map for the Hawk 208. Air Times

Mohd Asri, who had been in service for 13 years, was from Bandar Baru Jempol, Negri Sembilan while Yazmi, who has been in service for 19 years, was from Kuala Lumpur. Both are from the No 6 Skuadron.

Mej. Yazmi personal mount Hawk Mk 208 which carries his callsign Caser with complete with bomb markings pictured at Labuan airbase in late 2015.

A board of inquiry has been set up to determine the cause of the crash. The wreck of the Hawk was found at 10.27am on June 16, a day after the bodies of the pilots were recovered. It was located some 100 meters from the bodies were recovered. From the picture of the site of the wreck it appears that the aircraft went straight down.

An earlier RMAF release stated the Hawk Mk 108 – M40-02 – went missing while flying around the Pahang and Terengganu border. The aircraft took off from the Kuantan airbase at 11am and contact was lost at 11.30am.

A SAR operation was subsequently activated.

*this is an updated post. The earlier one only stated the aircraft was missing based on the information available at that time.

— Malaysian Defence

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