Tejas For Lima 19

SHAH ALAM: Tejas for Lima 19. Indian news service, Business Standard, is reporting that a single Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Tejas Light Combat Aircraft will be taking part in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace 2019 (LIMA 19),this March.

HAL has yet to officially confirm the participation of the Tejas but based on posts on social media the maiden participation of the aircraft in the region is likely.


Business Standard reporting on Malaysian interest on the Tejas, in my opinion, is overly optimistic however.

Malaysia shows interest in India’s Tejas fighter jets, may buy 30 of them
Malaysia’s switch to the Tejas fighter would be a second disappointment to Pakistan, after Sri Lanka earlier backed away from the JF-17 after first expressing interest. Many experts consider the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), though not yet fully developed, already far deadlier than its opposite number — the JF-17 Thunder fighter, developed by China and built in Pakistan. Now Malaysia too is endorsing the Tejas’ quality by shifting interest from the Sino-Pakistani to the Indian fighter.

Last year, Kuala Lumpur was discussing a deal with Pakistan to buy the JF-17. But now, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is signalling strong interest in the Tejas. Business Standard learns that Kuala Lumpur has asked New Delhi to send a Tejas

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The reference to JF-17 was of course where the story goes overly optimistic. I know there were some reports claiming that RMAF is seriously looking for the JF-17 for its MRCA programme. And now as the MRCA programme has been put on hold, the reports are now saying that RMAF is seriously looking at the JF-17 for its Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) project.


Even the RMAF project is called LCA, an aircraft dubbed LCA is not really an indication of its prominence. Note that the Tejas is the second foreign aircraft provisionally confirmed for LIMA 19 after the Gripen. It appears with just some 70 days to the show, not many are rushing to confirm their participation in the show.

— Malaysian Defence

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