Teguh Samudera Delivered

SHAH ALAM: RMN’s second training ship, Teguh Samudera, has been delivered to the RMN in a ceremony at the Grade One Marine Shipyard, Lumut on Wednesday, Apr. 12. Grade One Marine was given the contract to complete the two 75 meter training ships after its original contractor went belly up several years back.

Malaysian Defence has a series of posts regarding the two ships so dig the archives for those stories. Last November I posted:

The two RMN training ships, Gagah Samudera and Teguh Samudera, are expected to be commissioned into service early next year. The commissioning ceremony will be held for both ships at the same time when work on Teguh Samudera is completed by year end.

RMN Assistant Chief of Staff Human Resources Rear Admiral Azhari Abdul Rashid says the ceremony is expected to be held in January once work on Teguh is completed. He says the two ships would be commissioned as the legal problems that had prevented them from doing so had been resolved. He did not explained how the legal problems were resolved.

A group photo with Teguh in the back ground. On the right is Teguh’s sister ship, Gagah, undergoing a refit at Grade One. RMN picture

However since then I was told that the commissioning had been delayed to April. 27, the date of the RMN anniversary. I have not further information regarding this but hopefully its forthcoming soon.

Teguh Samudera seen prior to the launching ceremony in early 2013.

Teguh was launched on Feb. 27, 2013, some after two months after Gagah was launched (Dec 14, 2012) Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months after their launch at the NGV Tech Sdn Bhd yard in Sinjangkang, Selangor. The ship yard was foreclosed by Maybank soon after Teguh was launched as its owners failed to service their loans. Maybank only gave up the rights to both ships last year. I have yet to find out why Maybank suddenly drop its hold on the ships, its unlikely I will get any official from Maybank anytime soon. If however you do know why and got evidence to back it up, drop me a line, please.
Teguh Samudera seen from a distance outside the yard at Sijangkang, Banting. Picture taken April, 2014.

Anyhow, the Royal Navy together with Leonardo has two AW159 Wildcat helicopters to Malaysia for DSA 2018, starting next week. I am not sure whether one of them will be displayed at the MITEC, the venue of DSA 2018, as the site do not have a large space for a helicopter to land unlike the previous venue, PWTC. I could be wrong of course.
The two Wildcats landing at the RMN Air Wing landing zone at Lumut Naval Base on April. 12, 2017. UK Defence Section photo via Twitter

Leonardo and the UK Government are obviously trying to push the Wildcats for the RMN’s long outstanding but yet-to-be funded requirements for anti-submarine helicopters. The Wildcats joined French Navy helicopter assault ship, FS Dixmude, for its annual amphibious deployment, Exercise Jeanne d’Arc. Dixmude is expected to berth in Malaysia soon.

— Malaysian Defence

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