Storm of Resolve

SHAH ALAM: Storm of Resolve. As you might be aware, RMAF has deployed at least two C-130 Hercules transport aircraft to Saudi Arabia since March, 2015 as part of the operations to evacuate Malaysians from strife-torn Yemen.

Although most Malaysians in Yemen have left the country since the evacuations, the Saudi deployment dubbed Ops Yemen is continuing.

I was told that the Saudis had asked Malaysia for further contribution for the continuing operation against Yemen. However, we had only agreed to continue with the “Hercules Diplomacy” for the time being. And it is likely that it will be our only contribution unless things changed on the ground.

Apart from the Yemen operation, the Armed Forces have also taken part in several training exercises in Saudi since 2015 though the number of troops taking part were small likely the size of a platoon.

And although pictures of the soldiers in the exercises have been published here and elsewhere, photographs of the Hercules Diplomacy remained scarce. Twitter user Mohd bin Khaled @MbK515, however, has published the first pictures of the RMAF contingent in Saudi. There were no pictures of the Hercules however.

A screenshot of the MbK515 tweet on RMAF presence in Saudi.

Published here are the photographs sourced from the MbK515 Twitter account.

Hercules Diplomacy patches. via MbK515 Twitter

I have no idea how many RMAF personnel are deployed to Saudi for the operation.

Some of the RMAF personnel based in Saudi. via MbK515 Twitter

It is likely that less than 50 personnel are deployed on a rotational basis.

— Malaysian Defence

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