SGPV/LCS. Lets Call it the Laksamana Class….

SHAH ALAM: As expected the Gowind multi-mission corvette tops the Malaysian Defence polls. Its not official mind you but it seemed every one is following the cue.

Even Utusan Malaysia had claimed that the Gowind is the favourite. Read here..

Yes, the buzz in the industry is that the DCNS entry for the SGPV/LCS programme is the favourite to be named as the winner despite the obvious solution of the Boustead entry. The Sigma solution from Dutch firm Schelde which I had previously reported was the early favourite for the programme was the least favoured, ranking even below None of the Above and even below Dont Know!

Obviously having a ship which is the same as our neighbour is not a good idea, not to our military buffs anyway! Wonder what will happen if they….oops more on that later.

But the big story is no longer the choice of the design but I believed now is the name of the ships. Since the SGPV/LCS is a different animal compared to the Kedah class, especially if they choose the Gowind design, a new name is most appropriate.

Therefore, I submit that the new ships be designated as the Laksamana-class ships. Yes, the Italian corvettes named after the obscure Perak warriors are also named as Laksamana-class but this time around there are also good reasons for it.

Why I am proposing this? I am just taking the cue from our own Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, who during a briefing at the Defence Ministry on Apr 4, 2011 had this to say:

“Ambrin had offered guidelines and criteria for efficient financial management and urged the Defence Ministry to practice an open tender process while questioning why many tenders had been given out to senior ex-servicemen or companies owned by them.”

Yes most of us miss the story ( I did not go to Mindef that day!) and the ones who covered it chose to give a positive spin on it. Here. I am sure the good Tan Sri had a good reason to say what he had to say deep inside the bowels of Mindef.

At the moment, this is the best explaination I can give for suggesting the new ships be called the Laksamana-class. More to come later. In the meantime, visit our polls page.

–Malaysian Defence

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