Sendayan Air Base Inaugurated

SHAH ALAM: Sendayan Airbase, one of several facilities built as replacements for Kuala Lumpur Airbase was officially opened today. Despite called an airbase, Sendayan does not have a runway as it is not involved in air operations. The airbase term is used as the facility is owned and managed by RMAF.

Facilities at the 303.5-hectare site include a sports complex, a nine-hole golf course , equestrian facilities, swimming pool, Islamic centre and residence complex or quarters for personnel. For this it has 693 units of various categories including bungalows, semi-detached houses and apartments.

Sendayan AB gate guard is an F-5E

The airbase was planned as non aviation training centre combining three RMAF training centres in Subang and Kinrara in Selangor and Penang under one roof. As you are aware RMAF is also moving out of the Kinrara camp.
Paskau troopers at the opening ceremony

Apart from Sendayan, seven other facilities have been build to accomodate units formerly based at the Sg Besi airbase land. One of them include the police Air Wing.

Prime Minister DS Najib Razak when opening the Sendayan airbase says its development had brought about transformation in three aspects.

He said the first aspect of the transformation was turning an oil palm plantation into the Sendayan satellite township of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

The second aspect was the modern amenities and comfort enjoyed by the Royal Malaysian Air Force personnel, and the third was the development of the Kuala Lumpur Air Base as Bandar Malaysia, he added.
Najib said Sendayan, once the site of a Felda oil palm plantation, had taken on a new look as Bandar Baru Sendayan.

“It will become a satellite township of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley and the inhabitants here will enjoy a quality of life better than that in the city centre,” he says.

Najib said the Kuala Lumpur Air Base would be remembered as the air base that was witness to a host of historical events such as the take-off point for national leaders seeking independence and operations to address the communist terrorist threat.

“But with the passing of time, Kuala Lumpur, having developed with its skyscrapers, has become no longer suitable to host an air base due to priority for flight safety. The transfer of the Kuala Lumpur Air Base to Sendayan is not just a physical move but a move to a sophisticated, modern and comfortable air base.

The main buildings of the Sendayan airbase. Air Times

— Malaysian Defence

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