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BANGKOK: RTAF Museum. If you happen to be in Bangkok and want to have a break from the shopping or partying perhaps you should make your way to the National Aviation Museum of the Royal Thai Air Force located adjacent to Don Muang International airport.

Actually if you fly into Bangkok using the Don Muang (on Air Asia or Malindo) it might be wise to schedule the visit as you arrive or departing the city as the museum is located next door to the airport so you can use the traffic congestion to your benefit. You need to take a cab or Grab car from the international airport as the museum is located on the military side of the airport (just like Subang airbase compared to the Subang airport) though it is a separate building from any RTAF facility so it is accessible even by tourists.

An RF-5A at the front of the museum.

Be prepared to spend at least an hour at the museum as it is arguably one of the best in the region. The museum was opened in 1969 to replace the previous one opened in 1952.
The Neiuport on display at the museum

Among the aircraft displayed are Nieuport and Brequet, pre World War One flying machines, the only examples of both types in the world.
The Curtis 75 which shot down a French fighter in 1940 as Thai try to take back its territory under control by the French.

Also on display are a Saab JAS 39C Gripen, an F-16, a number of F-5s and various helicopters that were used by RTAF since 1950s. A couple of Royal Thai Navy aircraft including an AV-8S Harrier are also displayed at the museum.
A Bronco OV-10 with mission markings for joint operations with Malaysia at the Thai-Malaysia border in the late 70s.

The museum is open on Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Thai public holidays) from 8am to 3pm and admission is free. It is also accessible by public buses,the BTS line and Grab cars or motorcycles.

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