MRSS To The Fore – DSA 2018 Shorts

KUALA LUMPUR: MRSS to the fore. RMN Chief Adm Kamarulzaman Badaruddin says the service will reveal the MRSS design for its 15 to 5 transformation plan at DSA 2018. Indeed the navy did display the designs of the MRSS at its showcase at the trade show, starting today.

Its “designs of the MRSS” as the RMN is showing three types of MRSS which the service wants the government to choose from based on available funds.

The MRSS contenders.

The three designs are a mini-LHD, a medium size LPD design and a Makassar class variant. The models of the three designs – likely presented to Adm. Kamarulzaman as souvenirs from shipbuilders – are on display with other ships in the 15-to-5 programme.
A stern view of all three designs.

The LHD- type MRSS like the mini-Dokdo or mini-Mistral are the “high-end cost” design while the medium-size LPD types are the “medium cost ” with the the Makasssar class variant as the low-cost candidate. All three would be a worthy addition to the RMN though its likely the type chosen will be based on “affordability” and involvement of the local shipbuilding industry.

*updated to add the LHD designation for the high-end MRSS

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