RMAF Upgrades Are On Track

SHAH ALAM: RMAF upgrades are on track. Upgrade programs for three RMAF aircraft – the Bae Systems Hawk Mk 208 light jet, Hercules C-130H transporter and Nuri helicopters are on track and expected to commence as scheduled, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said.

He said the upgrade programs will be conducted in stages to ensure the aircraft could fulfilled its operational requirements and ensure RMAF was ready and capable in protecting the country’s airspace.

A Hawk Mk 208, Hercules and Nuri helicopter on display at Subang to represent the aircraft to be upgraded.

“The full details of the programs will be announced when the project commences,” he said yesterday following a visit to the Subang airbase here for a briefing on the upgrade programs . He says the upgrade programs was also to ensure that the aircraft remained viable for operations pending their replacement in the future.

The Nuri and Hercules at Subang yesterday with two A400Ms in the background

Asked when the contract of the upgrade programs will be signed, Hishammuddin declined to give a specific date apart from assuring that the work will commenced.

Hawk Mk 208 M40-33 from 6 Squadron at Subang airbase yesterday. The aircraft has just completed its second line maintenance at the Airod facility at Subang. It is expected to return to Labuan airbase next week.

He earlier said the RMAF MPA project was going on well and the service was expected to receive the aircraft “soon”. Asked how soon, he said there was no need to specify such details apart from the fact that the aircraft will boost the capability of the RMAF to patrol the maritime areas of the country.

The altitude/decompression chamber at the RMAF Aviation Medicine Institute at the Subang airbase.

Earlier, Hishammuddin also visited the Aviation Medicine Institute also located in the airbase. The institute now has new facilities following its relocation to Subang from the Kuala Lumpur airbase.

An airman demonstrating the hypoxia training at the altitude/decompression chamber

The new facilities are an ejection seat simulator and an altitude/decompression chamber. The simulator offers a realistic ejection experience from a distressed aircraft for RMAF pilots and weapon systems office.

The ejection seat simulator.

The altitude/decompression chamber allows RMAF aircrew and other personnel undergo hypoxia (lack of oxygen) training, to understand the ill-effects of the silent but deadly hazard of in-flight hypoxia. The institute also offers high-G training with its High Performance Human Centrifuge and Spatial Disorientation training on a flight simulator.

— Malaysian Defence

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