RMAF stands up 22nd Squadron for A400M fleet

SHAH ALAM: RMAF has decided that a new unit – 22nd Squadron – will be raised for the four Airbus A400M transport planes it will be getting starting this year.

The motto of the new squadron is “Gagah Berani or The Strong and The Bold. The number and motto of the new squadron was revealed at the RMAF website through a “Design the logo” contest. Unfortunately the contest is only open to RMAF personnel only.

It appears that RMAF no longer wants to reuse previous squadrons for its new aircraft and therefore had decided to raise a new unit complete with the number, motto and logo.

Will this mean 12th, 17th and 19th squadrons colours will be confined to the museum soon? It is likely.

By the way, I was told that Airbus has been told that the first RMAF A400M should be delivered in time for Lima 15. Whether or not this will work out remained to be seen. Perhaps the decision to run the contest is an indication that it just might happen.

— Malaysian Defence

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