PCU Gagah Samudera

SHAH ALAM: RMN’s first 75 metre training ship, pre-commissioning unit Gagah Samudera (loosely translated Sea Power?) was launched and named at the NGV Tech shipyard in Sinjangkang, Selangor, today (Dec 14, 2012).

The first of two ship class, pennant number 271, is definitely way much bigger than most of the FACs currently in service with the RMN today.

PCU Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch.
PCU Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch.

I am no naval architect but I assumed if money was available and if the RMN want to recapitalise its FAC fleet, it will not be difficult to up-armed a new variant with a 76/57mm gun, four SSM, a six pack ESSM launcher and torpedoes, from the basic design which was procured from Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering.

A close of PCU Gagah Samudera
A close of PCU Gagah Samudera

The two training ship is only fitted with a 30mm MSI Seahawk turret on the B mounting just below the bridge. Pintle mounted machine guns could also be fitted to outside the bridge and along the deck aft.

Both ships are also fitted with a helo deck aft which could accomodate a Fennec or Super Lynx for landings but there is no hangar. According to the profile provided by RMN, the ship is fitted with an X-band/S-band navigation radars and an Eletro Optical director, which were unnamed. The ship is to be fitted with a Samsung Thales FCS.

As a training ship, Gagah Samudera has a top speed of 20 knots from two propellers driven by two MAN diesel engines. A combat variant probably need four diesel engines and water jets to have a more respectable burst speed, however.

A full profile picture of Gagah Samudera from the port side.
A full profile picture of Gagah Samudera from the port side.

Gagah Samudera numbers
Length 76.5 metre
Displacement 1270 ton
Crew 45
Trainees 80
endurance 21 days
Speed 20 knots
Twin diesel engines
X-band navigation radar
S-band navigation radar

After the launching, Gagah Samudera will undergo a fitting and commissioning period up to six months (if the RMN is lucky!). It is not expected to be ready for LIMA 2013 however (March 26-30). As I wanted to go back early I did not find out the type of radars and EO director to be fitted nor whether the Samsung Thales FCS is just a fire control system or a scaled down Combat Management System. But tomorrow is just another day isnt it?

Note: I used the term pre-commissioning unit (PCU) to describe Gagah Samudera as the ship had not been designated as a Kapal DiRaja yet. The PCU term is normally used by the USN for ships not yet commissioned.

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