No Funds For the Needy Part II (Budget 2011)

SHAH ALAM: I am not a math whiz so if I got it wrong when deciphering the 2011 Budget, please correct me!

Try as I might I cannot find any exact reference as to how much money had been allocated in full to the defence sub-sector which is part of the National Security sector.

This is the main trust of the budget:
RM212 billion is proposed for the 2011 Budget which is 2.8 per cent higher than the allocation for 2010.
Of this, RM162.8 billion is for Operating Expenditure and RM49.2 billion for Development Expenditure.

From the Economic Report, it is stated that from the total budget of RM212 billion, 2.1 per cent is allocated for the National Security sector which according to my calculations (with thanks to my better half) is around RM4.2 billion.

The figure is confusing as the Report also stated that the Development Expenditure for the National Security sector is RM3.9 billion or 7.2 per cent. This is a reduction of almost RM100 or 0.8 per cent from the same period last year (RM4 billion).

From RM3.9 billion, RM2.7 billion is allocated for the defence sub-sector with the rest for the internal security.
The report did not mentioned any particular procurement programme apart from purchasing and upgrading of equipment, expanding surveillance and enforcement capabilities and better training for uniformed personnel.

Despite the confusion on the exact allocation for defence, we can safely conclude that money will be very tight for Mindef next year. Perhaps they will be luckier when the RMK10 is announced although from the above figures, I really doubt it.

–Malaysian Defnece

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