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SHAH ALAM: More Stuff for PDRM. As mentioned in the earlier 2019 budget post, almost no details are revealed about the procurement plans for the the military, MMEA and other agencies. The budget document for the police however reveal somewhat more of its procurement plans though it remain sparse compared to other agencies in the region.
Anyhow for 2019 Development Expenditure, the police is getting RM1.76 billion, a huge spike compared to the same figure of RM480.6 million in 2018.

It must be noted from the RM1.76 billion some RM923 million are meant for a slew of built, lease and transfer projects though the document is silent on the location, numbers or types involved which meant some RM1 billion are left for other projects.

An artist drawing of the new Subang police air base.

Some RM400 million of this are reserved for the refurbishment and upgrade of various police offices, barracks, quarters and other facilities leaving some RM600 million or so for assets procurement.

One the patrol/landing craft operated by marine police.

From this, RM12 million is allocated for the purchase motorboats, radios (RM88 million), firearms and ammunition (RM104.5 milion); vehicles (RM84.9 million); aircraft (RM86.8 million); technical support (RM66 million) and IT system (RM136 million). Apart from the IT system, the allocation for the rest are big spikes compared to 2018 figures.

Police personnel deployed to ESSCOM being inspected by then Markas Angkatan Bersama Commander Lt Jen Datuk Fadzil Mokhtar in early October, 2016. Markas ATB photo.

It is interesting to note that the police is only getting RM12 million for new motorboats which likely means the marine police will only operate vessels for in shore patrols only. With MMEA transferred to the Home Ministry one has to wonder that the marine police role will return to the one it had prior to the Lahad Datu incursion.

Humdinga amphibious vehicle (top) and Sealegs RIB on display at the 2016 Police Day ceremony. PDRM picture

The budget for firearms and ammo for 2019 is around RM39 million more than last year’s one so we can assume that more rifles are being bought mostly for the PGA and UTK units. New guns also meant more ammo are needed to gain competency or simply familiarity on them, hence the need for a bigger budget.

The Colt AR ordered for the police, the nearest one is the APC with UGL, middle is the ACC-M and the last one is the CM901.

As Malaysian Defence has reported previously that police Air Wing is getting more AW139, the RM86. 8 million allocation for aircraft in 2019, RM24 million more than 2018 seemed appropriate.

PDRM AW139 9M-PMB on display at LIMA 17

That said as it was originally claimed that the new helicopters will be leased to the police, the figure seemed to suggest that this was no longer the case. This is something that need to be confirmed, of course.

Deftech EOD and GSO vehicles.

The police remained the biggest agency in the Home Ministry with RM8.86 billion allocated for operational expenditure and 142,192 personnel on its payroll.

— Malaysian Defence

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