KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Defence was checking the Mindef website today and noticed something new and notable on the Tender page. Yes, they are still advertising the tenders although much of the defence budget has been cut. No new tender for 2009 however. Malaysian Defence do not have the time to verify how many tenders were opened for bidding last year but the number of those still under evaluation and canceled were a lot more than those which had been given the Letter of Acceptance.

The new feature in the tender page were the Schedule of Offer Price which could be accessed from the tender Status column.

For example for the tender “Perkhidmatan Bagi Penyediaan Kursus Tactical Response To Terrorism (Aircraft Interdiction) Untuk Pasukan Khas Udara TUDM (PASKAU), which closed on Dec 11, the Schedule of Offer Price informed us that 17 bids were received, the cheapest being Rm661,000 while the highest was listed at RM3.1 million.

The Schedule of Offer Price are only available from September to November (most of the December tenders have not closed) so it remained to be seen whether it would also be extended to tenders from August downwards. Malaysian Defence only noticed the new feature today although it could have been done some time back. If anyone can confirmed the exact date of new feature in the tender page, please advice.

Coincidentally, the first time the the Offer Price list was made public was during the Cougar/Nuri Replacement Programme fiasco. And since Pak Lah took over in September, one can assume that this was done under his orders although leaving the same for August and months before unconfirmed could be surmised as a dig to his soon-to-be replacement.

It certainly look good for Pak Lah but leaving a bad impression for his replacement certainly is a brinkmanship for a gentleman. BTW, the Army received 100 units of Weststar Maxus utility vans on Dec 30, in a contract worth RM14.5 million. The official ceremony of the handover was held today.

Malaysian Defence

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