Meko A100 Corvette

SHAH ALAM: Meko A100 corvette. As we were busy with LIMA 19, Brazil announced in late March that it had chosen a German/Brazilian consortium as the preferred bidder to build four corvettes for its navy. The consortium Águas Azuis Consortium – comprising ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defense & Security and Atech – will set up a new company to start the process of building the four new Tamandaré-class corvettes.

So what this got to do with Malaysia then? The design for the four corvettes is based on the Meko A100 class from ThyssenKrupp. Yes, its a variant of RMN own Kedah class.

A CGI of the future Tamandre class corvette.

The programme is also likely to involve the transfer of technology (ToT) in the naval engineering for military shipbuilding, combat and platform management systems.

Oceana shipyard in Itajaí, Brazil, will be responsible for building the vessels and acting as ToT receiver related to the project.

The combat management system (CMS) and integrated platform management system (IPMS) will be supplied by Atech in partnership with ThyssenKrupp’s subsidiary ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and L3 MAPPS.

Embraer Defense & Security’s role in the project will be to integrate sensors and weaponry into the combat system.

The consortium’s winning bid is based on the concept of the MEKO-class design for the corvettes.

The design is claimed to deliver acquisition, maintenance, and modernisation cost savings as it enables local integration and transfer of technology.

Meko A100 weapons. Naval News

It is interesting to see that ThyssenKrupp had managed to sell the same design some 20 years after it had done the same with Malaysia. Unfortunately, due to malfeasance with PSC Sdn Bhd, we are left with the design but without any new ships.

Tamandare sensors. Naval News

It will be also interesting to see what will happen to the current Kedah class. Based on the conversations I had with the industry during LIMA 19, its not a pretty one.

— Malaysian Defence

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