Marine Police Expanding

LANGKAWI: Marine police expanding. Marine police continue to expand some four years after it returned to the task of overseeing the security in Malaysian maritime area.

It is getting new personnel, officers and other ranks, who had passed out from training academies as well as new boats.Marine police commander Senior Assistant Commissioner Mohd Yusoff Mamat said this was the first time in four years the unit was getting new personnel directly after qualifying as police personnel.

With the new personnel they hoped to expand its commando qualified Special Forces unit, Ungerin.

Gading Marine 17 meter FIC.

There are two Ungerin units operating, one in Port Klang and the other in Tawau. There was seven Ungerin previously at all Marine police units but it shrunk to two since 2014.

Mohd Yusoff said they hoped to expand the two Ungerin units qualifying up to 100 new operators. The operators are selected and qualified by the VAT 69, the police premier commando unit.

As for assets, he said the unit is getting two new 17 meter fast interceptor craft from Gading Marine, this July.

Gading Marine 17 meter FIC

Two of the boats are already operational, he added. Marine Police, Mohd Yusoff said in the aftermath of the Lahad Datu incident, is authorised to patrol up to the Malaysian EEZ though they don’t do so currently as the biggest patrol boat they have, 25 meter PA class was not equipped for long distance mission.

One of the PA 25m patrol boat built for PDRM by PME. This is the only patrol boats operated by marine police currently.

Asked whether there was any plans by the Home Ministry to merge the Marine Police and the Malaysian Coast Guard, Mohd Yusoff said he was not aware of any plans.
One of the four PLC class, landing craft operated by the Marine police.

Personally, he said he think it would be better if the coast guard be folded into the Marine Police as they have been much better in protecting the country’s maritime security interests.

-Malaysian Defence

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