India To Buy Mothballed Fulcrums from Russia

SHAH ALAM: India buying mothballed Fulcrums from Russia. It appears that India has signed a deal to buy mothballed Mig-29 Fulcrum airframes from India. If this is confirmed it appears that any suggestion that India will be buying Malaysian stored Fulcrum will likely come to an end.

From Times of India.

IAF MIG-29UPG. Note the distinctive dorsal spine where extra fuel is stored. RAC-MIG.

The report says New Delhi is looking into acquiring 21 mothballed MiG-29 fighters and refurbished them to flying condition. An anonymous source said a team had inspected the airframes and found them in good condition. They were left un-assembled since the 1980s. It is likely that these jets will be refurbished and upgraded to the Indian Air Force Mig-29 UPG standard.

Two Fulcrums taking off for the flypast during RMAF anniversary parade in June 1, 2016. One of the last time Malaysian Defence saw the Fulcrums flying.

Buying airframes stored and refurbishing them to flying condition is much better than buying low houred airframes, of course. That said it appears that the story that India was looking at our stored Fulcurms in the past looked pretty valid though it must be stated that it was likely just one of the options that were considered by New Delhi.

No 17 Skuadron Fulcrums – M40-10- and M40-16 – taking part in the rehearsal on Feb 25, 2016.

With Hungary also selling its retired Fulcrums and a number of the same jet being put up for private sale it is high unlikely our own stored Fulcrum will get a buyer any time soon.

RMAF Mig-29N Fulcrum flies with a US Navy Tomcat. US Navy.

So whats the best option for them then? It is likely a number will be gate guards or placed in a museum, if we are lucky that is.

— Malaysian Defence

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