How Wonderful It Would Be…

PETALING JAYA: The ‘show” signing for the SGPV contract is expected to be held at the DSA 2012 show to be held from the 16 to 19 of this month. However, two weeks before the show we are still looking for more details of the systems to be integrated on board the ship, with the ceiling price of RM9 billion. Yes, the ship could be much cheaper than RM9 billion but how much we do not know yet. Or it could higher!

Apart from the design, the Gowind multi-mission frigate and the SETIS CMS, no one would confirmed whether the contract for the sub-systems would be finalised and signed at the DSA. I was told Boustead Naval Shipyard and the RMN is working to finalise the specifications. I have written before that the navy wants certain sub-systems but BNS would have none of it. Isnt the customer always right or in this case, the customer is BNS?

It is interesting to note, another programme down under is continuing without much fanfare. The Australian Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance. Read Here

The Airbus Military A400M new generation airlifter recently visited La Paz, Bolivia.

I am not saying the Aussie got their barbie and are eating it too..but its interesting to see how some other countries are publicising their defence procurement without raising any of the “endangering national security” crap!

By the way, the DSA main highlight will unfortunately be based in Subang! Yes, one of the three A400M prototypes will be here for the show. I am not sure which of the three prototype coming (perhaps its Grizzly 2 which was in South America for the FIDAE show and some high altitude testing recently). Hopefully I will get a chance to board it for test flight!.

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