Gagah Samudera To Be Commission Soon

SHAH ALAM: PCU Gagah Samudera, the first of two RMN new training ships, was handed over to the navy on March 1. It is expected the DSME-designed ship will be commission soon.

The commissioning could be done before LIMA 17 so the ship could take part in the show at Langkawi. With MMEA commissioning its first NGPC this month and another new ship – albeit second hand – taking part in LIMA, it is likely that RMN will want a new ship at Langkawi also.

Gagah Samudera at her handing over ceremony on Mar. 1, 2017. RMN.

That said it is unlikely that RMN will rush a ship for commissioning just to save face. Gagah Samudera has been on sea trials for more than six months now and it’s likely that the ship is now ready for her commissioning.

 Gagah Samudera during her sea trials in October, 2016. via Nazir Darus, Twitter

Gagah and her sister ship have undergone completion work at the Grade One Marine Shipyard in Lumut, Perak since early 2015. Their lengthy completion works belied the fact that they have been launched in 2012 and 2013, respectively. It is not known when Teguh Samudera will be handed over to the navy.

PCU Gagah Samudera, prior to her launch. in late 2012.

From Malaysian Defence post on Dec. 1, 2014.

Both training vessels were assembled at the NGV Tech shipyard from modules delivered by DSME of South Korea. Gagah Samudera was launched on Dec 14, 2012 while Teguh Samudera on Feb 27, 2013. Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months.

Both ships remained incomplete and un-commissioned as NGV Tech was foreclosed by Maybank sometime in 2013. NGV Tech signed the RM294 million contract with RMN for the construction of the training vessels at LIMA 2011.

KM Pekan in Japan after completing her trials. MMEA

Meanwhile, the MMEA have been posting updates on its first NGPC and latest ship KM Pekan. KM Pekan had passed her technical tests and it is expected to be at LIMA 17. From the pictures, it appears that Pekan is not fitted with any deck mounted guns. Perhaps it will be done here after LIMA.

First NGPC sailing near Port Klang. APMM

The first NGPC is now being prepared for her commissioning soon. If you want to see them up close, they will be displayed at Porto Malai, Langkawi, the venue of the maritime section of LIMA 17. Otherwise check out the video of the Pekan in Japan below. And also the NGPC taken around Port Klang.

— Malaysian Defence

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