Fulcrum UB For Sale

SHAH ALAM: Fulcrum UB for sale. I am late to this but a US company, Raptor Aviation, has put up for sale of a MIG-29 UB Fulcrum for sale. The 1986 built Fulcrum B is listed at $4.650 million or RM19.1 million. The aircraft can be sold to US or foreign buyers, though the latter need to comply with all ITAR regulations and be cleared before the sale can take place.

Perhatian untuk kaki salin, Google translate dan tampal sila faham betul-betul. Pesawat yang hendak dijual ini di daftar dan dimiliki oleh pemilik dari Amerika Syarikat, ianya tidak kena mengena dengan pesawat yang sewaktu dengan anda.

A screenshot of the Fulcrum UB for sale page.

According to Raptor Aviation, the Fulcrum with the serial number 80003003127 and US registration of N129XX is certified and flyable.
The rear cockpit of the Fulcrum B. Raptor Aviation

This plane is certified and flying in the U.S.!

A view of the front cockpit. Raptor Aviation.

It said the aircraft had flown 818 hours since built and had done 118 hours, since a complete airframe overhaul at the at Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, Ukraine. The aircraft is fitted with tw Klimov RD-33 afterburning turbofan engines;
#1 Engine 348 hrs TT and #2 Engine 350 hrs TT 30 SMOH.The company says the FAA approved AAIP TBO is 1450 hours
For sale Fulcrum UB

As for avionics, it retained its original ones, RSBBN Nav, INS Nav, UHF/VHF Comm,Transponder. Western avionics added are the Narco Nav 122D GTS 330 Transponder and a second UHF radio. It has no other additional equipment.

For further information you can check out Raptor Aviation website.

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