SHAH ALAM: FLIR turret on NGPC. Keen eyed commenter … spotted an electro optical turret on KM Bagan Datuk and the second NGPC, 4542, in the post Second NGPC Under Trials.

He jokingly said it was a Russian one. He later informed me that the EO was actually the FLIR MU-602CLW. I have been trying to confirm the type and make of the EO turret but looking closer at the pictures I think that it is a FLIR MU-series EO turret.

The FLIR MU-series EO turret on the NGPC.

Although the FLIR MU series EO system is a commercial variant it also may need US government approval for export. This may mean that it must be repaired or serviced in a US approved repair facility, like the military-standard FLIR EO turrets. This will mean longer lead time for such tasks.
FLIR MU-series EO


FLIR MU-Series is the most technologically advanced thermal night vision system available to the maritime industry. This gyro-stabilized, multi-sensor system provides unparalleled long-range performance. The MU-602C includes a cooled midwave, high-resolution 640 x 512 pixel thermal camera with a 14X optical zoom and a  eld of view between 28° and 2°. It comes standard with a 550-line color daylight camera with a 28X optical zoom. The MU-602CL adds an additional, low-light black and white camera, while the MU-602CLW includes a fourth camera: an uncooled, long-wave 640 x 480 pixel
thermal camera ideal for short range imaging

FLIR MU in detail

The key features of the MU-series

Pan/Tilt enables you to continuously pan 360° and tilt +/- 90°, enhancing situational awareness
Active gyro-stabilization provides steady, long-range imaging — even in rough seas
Radar tracking identifies and tracks specified radar returns, enhancing vessel safety when visibility is low
Video tracking locks on and follows objects as long as they’re in view of camera
Picture-in Picture mode (PIP) displays images from two sensors at once, one full screen and the other as a smaller inset
Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) assures a crisp thermal image, even in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics

NGPC at Destination Marine jetty at Port Klang on July 31, 2017. Left is 4542, KM Bagan Datuk and partly hidden is 4543.

So far the FLIR turret has been installed on Bagan Datuk and 4542. It is likely that it will be standard equipment for the rest of the class. As Destini is also involved in the OPV project, it is likely to be the leading candidate for the EO turret on them.

KM Bagan Datuk with a RMN CB90 at LIMA 17 opening ceremony.

Bagan Datuk was not equipped with the EO turret when she was at LIMA 2017. It is likely that she was fitted with it after she returned from Langkawi where she was also fitted with the 30mm gun

— Malaysian Defence

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