DSA 2012: Third Day

KUALA LUMPUR: As expected the contracts signed during DSA 2012 was pretty anemic. With the general elections just around the corner, it was expected.

VVIPS at the DSA 2012 contract signing ceremony. No white uniform at the front seats.

Five contracts valued at RM357.2 was signed today, a huge hit from the amount signed at DSA 2010, around RM2 billion as Deftech AV-8 deal was only a letter of intent.

The list of vendors for the AV8 project

Four of the contracts worth RM250.8 million are for the supply of ammunition of various calibre, rocket propelled grenades from RUAG), disposable light anti-tank weapons (LAW M72A9 version optimised for anti-structure) and smoke grenade launchers for the Malaysian Army.

The other contract is for the supply of 35 RVV-AE medium range missiles worth RM106.4 million for the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-30MKM multi-role combat aircraft. This will be the first the R-77 will be delivered to Malaysia as none had been supplied before despite rumours to the contrary.

Apart from the five contracts, CTRM signed a RM10 millon deal with Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd for the Scaneagle Unmanned System. The contract is for 3 air vehicles and two command and control module. Is this deal means the end of Aludra?

Scaneagle UAV

Not so fast, CTRM is saying that the Scaneagles (two with day camera and one infra-red for night operations) will complement the Aludra especially for operations in support of Ops Pasir in Sabah. The Aludra will continue to fly from Tawau (Ops Pasir south) while the Scaneagles will be based in Kudat and Semporna (Ops Pasir North).

And by the way, dont think the M4 is the only assault rifle to be manufactured locally. There is plans to built the HK416 locally and branded as HK ATWA. More on this later.

A HK416, a loaner from Paskal. A locally made HK416 soon?

— Malaysian Defence

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