DSA 2008: More Pictures

KUALA LUMPUR: Again I would like to apologise that I cannot post more pictures as I did not take many pictures probably because I was bored with the same old exhibits and the fact that my Maxis broadband sucks when it comes to downloading. BTW, I would rather use full size pictures as it would take the same time to oownload them although it could make it easier for those with slow speeds to upload them.


Sapura’s Adnan driver simulator.


A smallish model of the 120mm TDA/bighorn mortar at the Thales stand.

An ACV300 at the FNSS stand. The S-version only appears in the model form.

Deftech’s very own HUMVEE. They lost to their former boss!

The interior of the Deftech AV4. Not much changes from the vehicle displayed at DSA2006, which became one of MalaysianDefence first posts. Apart from new LCD displays, there is nothing new inside, the cheap seats remained. What ever one feels about the Vamtac, the AV4 is certainly…..!

The Vamtac fitted with a Thales MMS turret from Thales. The turret could be fitted with the dual use Starstreak and even the Hellfire or Ingwe, as claimed by Thales. The 50+plus Vamtacc order announced at DSA 2008 also included 25 vehicles to be equipped with the Igla launcher. The Thales rep stationed with the Vamtac did not want to comment whether or not their turret could be fitted with the Igla. Of course it could be fitted but whether or not it will work is another issue.. The Vamtac with the Thales turret will be off for firing trials soon. Maybe we will hear something about it later on.

HK long arms, from the top the MSG90, Hk417 and Hk416. Like everyone else I was drooling all over the guns, sub-machineguns and pistols. All of the HK long guns are completely idiot-and-left-handed proof including the MG4! For a license to bring them home, I could go the RB way any day any time…….


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