Cougar Rising Part ????

PETALING JAYA: Its nice to hear after the SGPV confirmation (which is probably a boo-boo) that the second of the Malaysian Armed Forces “must buy” RMK10 list is on the way.

Yes, I am talking about the Eurocopter Cougar. After almost five years in gestation, the programme has finally taken off.

However due to the flip-flop decisions by the Abdullah Administration, the first Cougar is not expected to arrive here at least until 2013. The latest development probably means that the Nuri upgrade programme is also expected to be sign within the next 24 months. At this year’s Lima perhaps?

So what about the third “must buy” programme, the Army’s 8X8? It is in the works, I am told but it may not turned out to be the AV8.

The tally for the RMK10 budget so far is RM8.6 billion; RM6 billion for SGPV; RM1.6 billion for the Cougar and RM1 billion for the A400M ( provisional).

–Malaysian Defence

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