Condor Re-Manufacturing Program

SHAH ALAM: The Condors deployed to the Malaysian unit in UNIFIL – Malbat 850-5 – will be shipped home in batches to undergo refurbishment and upgrades.

Armed Forces Chief Gen Raja Affandi Raja Muhammed Nor says the Armored Re-manufacturing Program (ARP) will allow the Condors to continue serving the Army for the foreseeable future.

The pattern vehicle for the Condor upgrade, ZA 9474 which took part in the recent Merdeka parade. It features new air intakes, beefier suspension and new larger, weapon shield for its 7.62mm GPMG.

He confirmed that the Weststar Guardian armored security vehicle (ASV) will replaced the Condors for the UNIFIL mission. He however says the numbers and timeline for the replacement of the Condors will depend on the financial allocation from the government. He made the comments after attending the demobilization ceremony for Malbatt 850-4 at Port Dickson. Malbatt 850-5 replaced 850-4 last month.

A standard Condor ZA 9487 armed with a 20mm cannon which took part in the 2017 Merdeka Day parade rehersal.

Previously Malaysian Defence had also posted on the upgrade program for the Condors which is being undertaken by Deftech

A RAD Condor in service with the UNIFIL mission. Joint Force picture

Raja Affandi was asked to comment on the replacement of the Condors by the Guardian which was first announced by Deputy Defense Minister Datuk Seri Johari Baharum recently. For more go here.

Guardian ASV. Weststar

As posted previously, Weststar Defence had partnered with UAE-based IAG to offer the Guardian to the armed forces.

Condors of Malbatt lined up for an inspection. Note the two with long barrel 20mm cannon.

Asked what kind of weapons will armed the Guardians, Raja Affandi says it will likely be limited to the 12.7mm machine-guns. “From our experience in peacekeeping operations, it is not necessary to have the most biggest gun out there,” he says when asked whether Malbatt will not have the same firepower with the withdrawal of the Condors.

Condors of Malbatt undergoing annual inspection.

The Condors deployed to Lebanon are mostly equipped with the twin 7.62mm machine guns in a one-man turret though the variant with the 20mm cannon are also available. Some Condors have pintle mount for the GMPG while the ambulance version are also deployed as well.

–Malaysian Defence

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