Caesar In Town

SHAH ALAM: Caesar in town. It appears that a single Nexter Caesar truck-mounted 155mm SPH is in town for mobility and firing trials. The truck mounted gun was seen travelling on a road near Kemaman earlier this week, with at least one picture posted on social media.

Nexter Caesar 155mm truck mounted SPH seen near Kemaman. Internet.

There are probably more pictures out there on social media, if you have them please share it with us. Anyhow I was informed that the Caesar was undergoing mobility and test trials. Mobility trials are likely to be conducted around the timber trails and Felda plantation roads around Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang and Perak as what happened before in 1995.

Nexter Caesar during its mobility trials demonstration in Malaysia back in 1995.

This time around it is likely that the firing trials took place at the range at Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas which also encompassed the Asahan range where the Caesar conducted the same trials in 1995.

The Nexter Systems Caesar 155mm/52 SPH displayed at DSA 2016.

With LIMA 2019 just weeks away one has to wonder whether the Caesar will also be displayed at the Nexter stand at the exhibition like in 1995. The 1995 Caesar was the original version developed by French firm, Giat before the company was renamed as Nexter. The Caesar displayed DSA 2016 was a mock up version and so no trials was conducted.

EVA 155m truck mounted gun by Konstrucka Defense of Czech Republic.

Will this lead to an order of the Caesar? I have no idea but it is likely that an open tender will be called up if there is funding for the project. The Army is interested in buying truck mounted SPH I am told. Last year an Army team visited the Czech Republic to check out the Eva 155mm truck mounted gun developed by Konstrucka Defense.

–Malaysian Defence

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