AV8, AV8, Where Art Thou? Part 2

SHAH ALAM: I went down to Port Dickson today (March 2, 2013) to attend the Army 80th Anniversary parade at the Dataran Pahlawan at the Pusat Latihan Asas Tentera Darat (PUSASDA) for the public unveiling of the AV8.

It wasnt just a public unveiling but a scripted show to announce that the AV8 is the lynchpin of the Army’s Future Soldier System. Like other FSS programmes, we are also tying up our soldiers to a big logistics train, the AV8. Looking at the AV8 live for the first time, I was reminded of another IFV linked to a FSS programme, the Boxer MRAV.

It is as big, the height of the hull from the tyres up I believed its more than six foot tall. How did I made the estimate? I simply stood beside the AV8, of course, as I am six footer myself. Checking its dimensions on various websites later, I realised my field expedient guesstimate was correct. The AV8 other technical details are also very similar to the Boxer.

Apart from leading the parade, the AV8 also proved its capable of carrying a fully armed squad (nine I believed) under armour as a fully air-conditioned battle taxi. Hopefully the UCM-built air conditioned system is more durable than the ones they fitted on Proton cars.

As the troops returned to the AV8, Deftech officials were slapping high-fives with each other and Army officials for a good show. Hopefully – god forbid that the AV8 goes into battle, the show will also be just as smooth as the public unveiling.

I will post of other pictures I took at the parade at a later date

–Malaysian Defence

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