Locally made sub-guns?

PETALING JAYA: As I had posted before the local production of the M4 Carbine is expected soon. Although no exact timing is forthcoming the first locally made guns is expected to roll off the production lines by year end. And impending resurrection of the local firearms manufacturing have brought forth plans for more locally made guns.

Yes from pistol calibre sub-machine guns to proper machine guns like the M2/M3 Browning. I am doubtful whether we will be licensing the rights for the Ma Deuce soon (where’s the need?) but local production of sub-machine guns is highly probable if funds could be secured.

A DenBravo trooper with an MP5 fitted with a HWS sight.

Local production of sub guns will gained more traction from policy makers as it has a much larger user base from the police, Armed Forces and the coast guard (APMM). It will also meant that the M4 plant (in Batu Arang) would produce more firearms as it is being done by other gun manufacturers overseas. The workers will also gained more skills with bigger production volumes although quality must be paramount.

It is obvious as PDRM gained more manpower, they need more firearms for patrol duties with the current emphasis on reducing street crimes. With the General Operations Force personnel and others being pressed for patrol duties, the need for new sub-machine guns become more apparent. Of course they also need more training for that matter plus pistols, radios, body armour and lots of other stuff – things like quarters etc – but don’t let that distract us from the project at hand: local manufacture of sub-guns.

Again, I also realised that building more M4s will be cheaper in the long run (we need to pay more royalties to Colt by the way) but since PDRM wants sub-guns and not evil looking carbines on the streets, new sub-guns are the way to go.

The CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun in cal. 9x19.
The CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun in cal. 9×19.

PDRM is now currently served by the venerable MP5s and the Bushmaster sub-machine guns after retiring their old Sterlings.
I don’t have the number of sub-guns in PDRM stock but it will not be more than 15,000.

HK UMP 45. A 9mm variant is also available
HK UMP 45. A 9mm variant is also available

PDRM are more than happy with the MP5 I am told but have so far been unable to get more of them. Several years back, they got a batch of Bushmaster 9mm sub guns (together with the Bushmaster M4) but that did not solve the shortages.

So what’s the best answer to this perennial question of lack of funding? Local manufacture of course! So perhaps they can get 30,000 sub-guns or so for the next decade or so.

So what’s on offer? There are many of course, listed below are those recalled from memory. From HK the MP5, or its newer sibling the UMP. There is the Steyr TMP, Barreta CX, CZ Scorpion and the Kriss (in 9mm). Even the new Swiss Arms MPX could be thrown into the ring.

Kriss multi-calibre SMG from Sphinx of Switzerland
Kriss multi-calibre SMG from Sphinx of Switzerland

I did not list the HK MPA7 and FN’s P90 as these sub-guns used proprietary rounds which is unlikely to make the list for local manufacture.

— Malaysian Defence

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