Happy New Year 2013 and the Un-official Cougar Naming Contest

PETALING JAYA: 2013 is almost here already despite what has been said by the naysayers. Traditionally, it is a good time to reflect on what had happened during the last 12 months or so but since 2012 was a normal year for Malaysian Defence, so the year ender will be a short one.

As a whole 2012 was a big dud (just look at DSA 2012!). Yes, the Cougars were finally delivered and RMN launched its first training ship, but with hindsight, it was a very ho-hum year. I doubt 2013 will be better unless the 13th General Elections brings a curve ball, which will leave us with a grand stand finish, hopefully.

As for the Armed Forces biggest projects, the Laksamana-class/LCS and the AV8, 2012 was a bad joke as both basically got nowhere although the contracts had been sealed and delivered. Both remained a project on paper although admittedly the AV8 had gone past the first gate.

But only barely as the AV8 prototype has yet to be unveiled as the final configuration is only expected to be signed by the Army top brass anytime now. It was supposed to be ready earlier this year but was postponed until December and still it did not come through.

By all accounts it won’t even make it to Lima 2013, to be held in March. The next deadline, at least for me, will be the Merdeka Day parade. If they cannot get a prototype out by then, I guess it will be 2014 when we will have a first look at it (unless of course, they bring reporters to South Africa to see the prototype). In that case, the media will have the chance to ask why the testing is being done in a semi-desert environment like South Africa when it will be operating in our tropical water logged and high humidity environment.

As for the LCS, I had written before that it is suffering from our perennial “agentilis” (perhaps even the AV8 was afflicted by the same disease!). As the ship has various sub-systems, anyone and everyone is trying their best to get theirs in even if it is against the RMN’s own wish-list. As I had mentioned before putting in things that the RMN did not want is a sure-fire way to repeat the NGPV debacle!

But it seems we have forgotten about that already.

Ooh, before I forget. I will be running the poll on the Un-Official Cougar Naming Contest from today onwards (remind me if I forget to update the polls). The poll will run until March 15, 2013. Hopefully I will be able to persuade Eurocopter to get some gifts for the contest winner (in case they did not, the winner will only have the bragging rights). I must state that the contest is un-official and it is not endorsed by the RMAF or Eurocopter, by any means.

The proposals are as follows:
Sender Proposed
Scanner : Jelatek
Garda : Bayan
JackThe : Pekaka
Ghostrider: Rajawali
Shahrul Azlan : Chenderawasih
Sulaimanhassan: Camar

The result of the contest is final and no correspondence will be entertained. Those name above (sender) should sent me a legitimate email address (it will not be published) in case, their submissions are chosen. If by any reason, you cannot open the polls, please vote in the comment section and it will be included in the final tally. In case of a tie I will get a friend, a former Nuri pilot, to pick the winner.

Although some one did say RMAF should continue to use the Nuri for the EC725 also, I prefer not to include it in the poll for various reasons.

— Malaysian Defence

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