Pictures of the Week: Oct 24, 2012

PETALING JAYA: KD Lekiu successfully conducted a contractual firing of a Sea Wolf missile off Selat Melaka Utara on Oct 23, 2012. The missile, according to a RMN release hit its intended target, a TGX-2 towed by a Learjet 35A. The release did not mention the company which provided the target towing service but its most probably, Aerotree Defence and Services Sdn Bhd

KD Lekiu shortly before the firing of the Sea Wolf missile.RMN picture
The Sea Wolf missile on the way to hit its target. RMN picture
Missile launch
A dramatic plume as the starter motor is fired to eject the Sea Wolf missile from its launch tube.RMN picture
The Sea Wolf missile emerging from its launch tube. RMN picture

Test firings of the Sea Wolf has been more successful compared to the other SAM system installed on RMN ships (Aspide in the Laksamana class ships) but it is getting old. The Royal Navy intends to retire the missile by 2020 and it is most likely RMN will follow suit, if not even sooner. Its replacement? Most probably the VL Mica if the system is selected for the LCS/SGPV programme.

— Malaysian Defence

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